Avengers Soundtrack $5.

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Hello Scott Weiland, where have you been? Haven't seen you since I was 7 months pregnant with Quinn. Yep, I went to STP mucho pregnant. I've been jonesing for a great 90s-angst-style album. And here it is. *sigh* It's just like I'm back at Webster Hall in NYC. Obviously, the superheroes of the world do their superheroing to angst music. I know I do.

What's on this album?
1. Live to Rise by Soundgarden
2. I'm Alive by Shinedown
3. Dirt and Roses by Rise Against
4. Even If I Could by Papa Roach
5. Unbroken by Black Veil Brides
6. Breathe by Scott Weiland (WOW)
7. Comeback by Redlight King
8. Into the Blue by Bush
9. A New Way to Bleed by Evanescence
10. Count Me Out by Pusherjones
11. Wherever I Go by Buckcherry
12. From Out of Nowhere by Five Finger Death Punch
13. Shake the Ground by Cherri Bomb
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