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Luka's Kindergarten Class.

My kids go to public school. In Dallas, that is a shocker for some people when they hear it. For me, it's a source of pride. My kids go to public school! One of the best things about public school in Dallas? All the cultural arts experiences and field trips my kids and their school friends get to participate in thanks to a big behind-the-scenes group called Big Thought.

As you can see by this picture of my little kindergarten friends at the Dallas Zoo, and the Museum of Nature and Science, field trips can be fun, fun, fun! But, seriously, I go to all of them, and ENDURE the chaos, because I know that my kids (and my extra little friends for the day) will be enriched by being exposed to things like plays, zoos, museums, galleries, literature and music. This year, Luka's kindergarten class has been to the Dallas Zoo, the Museum of Nature and Science, The Dallas Children's Theater, The Dallas Aquarium and even on a pumpkin shopping expedition at a Farmer's Market in our neighborhood.

If you're in DFW schools, your kids have more than likely benefitted from Big Thought and you probably didn't even know it. They help fund, create, and execute theater, art, music, dance, after-school programs, summer camps, and other creative thinking and doing experiences for kids all over this area. When Quinn was in 4th grade he learned computer skills at a Big Thought computer video camp that was free. This summer he's taking Java Programming at El Centro College. So I thank Big Thought for the inspiration when he was little.

Free kids events at your local Dallas Library:
Those of you with kids can experience Big Thought at Dallas Public Libraries right now and all summer, all over the city at their Library Live! events sponsored by Target. See a calendar here, and go experience a FREE event with Big Thought artists who present interactive, education and culture-based literacy activities for children and their families through music, dance, storytelling and visual art.

More free fun for your kids:
Find out about Big Thought's Thriving Minds FREE after-school enrichment program and fun summer camps. Teachers can order Young Audiences programs for their classrooms to bring arts and performance professionals into their schools, all with the help of Big Thought. Parents of kids 0-5 can help their baby with pre-reading skills with Big Thought's Every Child Ready to Read Program, in partnership with the Dallas Library. I can't say enough about reading to and with a child who is under the age of 5. Do it every day. Do it several times a day. It pays off.

Want more ideas on how to find cheap and free summer camps and activities for your kids? Visit my friend Gigi's blog here and get some ideas.

Find more free Events here.

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