Dallas Zoo: How to get a discount.

How to get a discount to the Dallas Zoo: One of the memberships we have and use the most is our Dallas Zoo Membership. If you are going to go to the zoo more than 3 times in a year, this membership may be worth it to your family too. If you just need a discount for today, then here are the ways you can get one.

Regular Admission prices:
Admission prices are $12.00 for adults and children age 12 and up, $9.00 for children age 3 to 11, and $9.00 for seniors 65 and up. Admission is free for children 2 and under and for Dallas Zoological Society members. Parking is $8.

Right now is Penguin Days, and Admission is discounted:
Admission prices are $5.00 for everyone 3 and older. Parking is only $8. These prices are good thru February 28th, 2013.

Other Discounts:
DART Discount: Ride DART to the Zoo Mondays and Tuesdays to receive a $2.00 discount on general admission to the Zoo. Show your same-day DART Pass at the Dallas Zoo ticket booth to enjoy your discount!

Military Discount: Receive a $2.00 discount per general admission for up to 2 adults and 2 children with a valid Military I.D. But this discount is not valid with January and February $5 admission pricing (Penguin Days).

Senior Safari Wednesdays: $5.00 admission for adults age 65+

Consignment Tickets: The Dallas Zoo offers discounted tickets that can be used during normal operating hours any day of the year. The members of your group do not have to visit the park on the same day. If your company has 100 or more employees, you qualify for this program. For more infomation go here.

Group Tickets: More than 25 in your group? Get a discount when you buy your tickets in advance. Admission for everyone is only $6 each. Go here for details.

School Tickets: If you are planning a school field trip, kids and adults are only $5 each to get in. And school bus parking is free. Details here.

$1 Days and other Deals: Follow the Dallas Zoo on Twitter here and you'll find out when Dollar Days are (several times a year) and special event days (like this past December's donate a coat get in free days).

The Best Deal is a membership.
Like I said, if you're going to go more than 3 times in a year, membership is the way to go. Of course, if you are a member then you always get in FREE and get free parking for the whole year. I like to get there around 9:30 am, and park down near the entrance, under the shady trees. Take a few pictures of the kids on the animal sculptures.

Members also get discounted prices on kid's camps in the summer by the way. Another plus.

The Children's Zoo:
The Children's area is an excellent place to let toddlers run around, pet farm animals, see really big fish, balance on the spiderweb ropes, sit in the gigantic bird's egg hideout, and climb the tree slide. They can even learn interesting bug and animal facts in the little house and garden. It's got science experiments, books, puppets, toys, and all kinds of hands-on animal and plant goodies.

Your kids can bring backyard artifacts they've found and trade them in at the trading post. Or even ride a horse. It's like having your very own playground and splash park, in addition to being a zoo full of interesting animals. This is where a year-long membership comes in handy. You can make the Dallas Zoo a weekly outing and get all this. Bring a picnic lunch and it's a whole day's adventure. There are plenty of shady spots to sit and have a picnic. And then your kids can splash in the little river in between bites of bologna sandwich.

Do the Zoo One Animal at a time.
After lunch, go see one or two animals. Every week, pick a different animal. With a membership you don't have to see the Zoo all at once. Luka is learning about bugs this month in kindergarten, so we're going to go visit the zoo this week, just to see Bug University. It's a whole building dedicated to learning about bugs. There are some serious creepy crawlies in there.

Get your kids excited about seeing the Okapi by telling them that baby okapi do not pee at all for the first three months of their lives. This is so that predators will not smell them and find them and eat them. But Luka just likes that mommy said "pee".

Now, you too can feed the giraffes, like Luka and his kindergarten buddies did. They were shocked to see that Giraffes have black tongues.

There's an app for that.
The Dallas Zoo even has an app you can use on your iPhone to map out your day at the park, to plan what you'll do. Get it here.

If you're up for a weekly adventure, the zoo really delivers. Even if your kid, like Hurricane Luka, tries eats the wood chips, won't come out of the underground mole tunnels, and runs out of the restroom naked before you can get his dry clothes back on him. Guaranteed passed-out-baby-in-the-backseat-car-ride-home, though.

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