Half Price Books: Free comic book.

Visit your local Half Price Books on Saturday May 5th, and you'll get a free comic book with ANY in-store purchase. Details here. While supplies last. I'm sure we'll be there. Luka has a thing for used books.
Join Half Price Books email list here and get some awesome coupons (as if those books aren't already the cheapest on the planet), notification of sales, deals, and events.

At my house we like to periodically round up all the books we're done with and sell them back to Half Price Books for store credit to use to buy new books, or for cash. (You are also being a good recycling mommy by letting them buy back your books when you are done with them.)

Find your nearest Half Price Books here. Half Price Books are located in AZ, CA, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MN, MO, NE, OH, OK, PA, TX, WA and WI.

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