How to get free Doritos at Kroger.

I have been working on the Frito-Lay brands as a creative person for 25 years. So they are near and dear to my heart. I've even been in the test kitchen up at Frito-Lay headquarters, which is where the executive chef and his Doritos-loving cohorts come up with the next big flavor.

Executive Chef Stephen Kalil in the Frito-Lay Kitchen

This Friday May 11th, from 3pm to 8pm at your local Kroger, Frito-Lay will be passing out free bags of the newest Doritos and Ruffles flavors! Check to see if your Kroger is participating here. They're giving away 2 million sample bags. What flavors you ask?

Doritos Jacked tortilla chips are everything people love about Doritos, amped up. Forty percent bigger and thicker than regular Doritos chips, they come in two bold, intense flavor combinations, Enchilada Supreme and Smoky Chipotle BBQ.

The newest Ruffles flavors are inspired by guys’ favorite foods, like BBQ Ribs and Loaded Bacon and Cheddar Potato Skins.

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