Load new UPromise coupons on your grocery card.

It's the first of the month again, folks. Another chance to score some free money for your kid's college fund thru UPromise. Go here and find out how to load eCoupons on your store loyalty cards (Kroger, CVS, Safeway, etc.) and when you buy those items, UPromise will dump free money in your child's college account. Little by little this stuff adds up to free college money! I just got extra $ in Quinn's college account again last month, for buying stuff I was already gonna get. I just loaded all the coupons and went about my merry way shopping this month.

Save for college the easy way.
Did you know you can get your grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and uncles. Even your friends with no kids to all add money at no cost to them, to your kid's UPromise account? I'd like to thank my BFFs Caine and Josh for their monthly contributions to Quinn's college fund thru UPromise. Not only did those guys babysit Quinn when he was little, they came to every birthday party of his, threw birthday parties for me every year, and fed my dog and cat when I went out of town.

Here are the coupons available:
.50/1 Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Fajita Magic, 5 oz loadable
.75/1 Comet bathroom spray loadable
.75/1 Comet Soft Cleanser loadable
.75/1 Comet spray gel mildew stain remover loadable
$1 off Comet stainless steel cleaner loadable
$2 off Dean’s Heat ‘n Eat dip (only at select stores) loadable
.75/1 Gum Crayola Kids or Star Wars Kids toothbrush loadable
.75/1 Gum Eez-Thru flosser loadable
.75/1 Gum Go-Betweens loadable
$1/3 Lean Cuisine product loadable
$2 off Pom Wonderful juice, 48 oz loadable

*There are also UPromise rebates for shopping on-line. This past summer, I bought Quinn a computer, and got $40 back in my UPromise account from the Apple Store!

You can even link your UPromise rebates into your 529 plan (there are many in there that already link to it to choose), or open a new one if you don't already have one. Then, your UPromise money also earns interest!

Find out what other hot coupons I've blogged about here. And, you can print coupons to use at the store here.

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