The Sights of My Life in Dallas. #seemoresights

My view of the spectacular Dallas skyline every morning. Yee haw.

You see some pretty amazing things in the big city. You see them even better when you remember to wear your glasses. You also see them better when your husband who works for the city and has had a hand in building just about all of it points it all out to you. You see Farmer's Market? He did that. State Thomas? That too. That cool new JCPenny/Sam's Club/Walmart up by the Dallas Children's Theatre? That was his project too.

And my favorite hang-out of all: The Shops at Park Lane. I was there when they imploded the building that was on that site before it became Park Lane. KA. BOOM. And sometimes I even get secret covert information like where the Trader Joe's store is going to go. So I can buy some Two Buck Chuck. Between the implosions and the spy information, it's kinda like being married to Jason Statham.

Large Marge.

Dallas just finished building this amazing gigantisaurus suspension bridge called The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Margaret is like 100 years old and even attended the opening ceremony. Because she's a cool party girl like that. This is the bridge you use to cross over the Trinity River to visit me in Oak Cliff. It is one big ol' sculpture. A work of art. Come see it! We can have a cup of elote, play with backyard chickens, and see some Shepard Fairey murals.

I want this in my front yard for Mother's Day next year, people.

Also while you're here in my neighborhood, you need to see the famed Sweater Bombs. Yes, I said SWEATER. BOMBS. I use the tri- of my trifocals to inspect the crochet stitches lovingly stitched onto the trees in Bishop Arts. It makes me happy to be alive every time I get to see it. Which is a lot. Considering it's right in front of my favorite coffee and my favorite cream sauce.

Mexican Beer Bottle Chandelier.

Art is everywhere in Dallas. Outside. Inside. I love being surprised by people's creativity. As a visual artist myself, I can not imagine NOT being able to see this glorious Mexican Beer Bottle Chandelier at On The Border in Addison.

The cast of Burn Notice my little boys built for me. Fiona has a really big gun.

I love to see the crazy stuff my kids come up with.

The art of the dishes prepared at the annual Latvian Club of Dallas St. John's Day Feast, where everything is pickled, and nothing is pronounceable.

The beauty of The Mansion juxtaposed with the grace of my friend My Dallas Mommy licking her plate.

The rare smile on my teenager's face when I surprise him with a trip to Matitto's for a Bowl of Bob.

And my little cutie Luka, he's a piece of artwork. Or maybe just a piece of work. But he's beautiful, and I love to see his little Texan face every day. He is definitely one of the best sights of my life.

I am not a baseball player. Today I am a dancer. 
(At the kindergarten dance recital tonight.)

Your turn:
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You can also find out what the top ten Sights to See in Dallas are here. I've seen 9 of the 10, what about you?

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