10 women's Hanes t-shirts $2 each shipped.

Graveyard Mall has another amazing deal today: women's Hanes t-shirts for $2 each shipped. You buy them in bulk of 10, pay $20.99 total, and they'll send you an assortment of 10 shirts in various colors (teal, white, pink, black, brown, canary, dark chocolate, deep navy, deep red, heathered sand, lavender, light steel) and various fit styles (relaxes, fitted, classic). But they will all be in the size that you specify: S, M, L, XL. Check that daily deal out here, and get stylin'!

I ordered this deal (when it was $4 a shirt) a couple months ago. I've put a couple of the shirts in this summer's wardrobe, and kept the rest in the attic for next summer! I have ordered many deals from Graveyard Mall before, and they are always just what they say they are.

TIP: To make your purchase go smoothly, sign in or sign up for an account first, THEN go to your deals and put them in your cart to check out. The site sometimes has problems checking you out if you are not already signed in.

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