Dreyer's Slow Churned Light Ice Cream: Share a smile and a sundae.

We're hitting a milestone at my house this week: Quinn is turning 15. FIFTEEN, people! I'm not THAT old, am I? As boy children get older, it gets harder and harder to discern how they want to spend their birthday. What they want for their birthday. If they're even going to publicly acknowledge their birthday. Heck, it's hard to even get them to have a conversation with you. Or smile, for that matter.

Luka? He just turned 6 last week, he's easy: bounce house, wading pool, cake, pizza, Legos, and 25 of his BFFs tearing up the backyard. Lots of smiles all around.

But, Quinn, now that's tough. Fifteen-yr-olds do not play with Legos. Or jump around in bounce houses. Or chase their friends around with light sabers. They spend their days on the computer taking Java Programming. Or texting their friends to find out when the next field trip to Bishop Arts is coming up. Or read the next chapter of Fahrenheit 451. And if you're Quinn, you say weird stuff like:

"I don't need any new clothes, mom. I like what I have. Thanks."

"I don't need to go out to dinner for my birthday, mom. I like what you cook."

"I really don't need or want anything for my birthday. I'm good."

I know. Golden child, huh? So how does one show the Golden Child that birthdays really are special and should be celebrated with the teenager equivalent of a bounce house and Spiderman cake? Whatever that is.

The Sundae Bar!
I noticed that this big kid of mine does eat a bowl of ice cream every night around 9:30pm, after we've gotten Hurricane Luka to bed. So we decided to celebrate his birthday with a Sundae Bar after dinner tonight. That way he still gets his bowl of ice cream, but it's super duper Happy Birthday ice cream. In honor of being fifteen I even offered him fifteen cherries.

For a Sundae Bar, you just put lots of ice creams, syrups, whip cream, and toppings (like cherries, almonds, sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows, crushed up cookies, etc.) in little bowls and set them all out. Everyone gets to make their own sundae. We used Dreyer's Slow Churned Light Ice Cream in flavors Quinn picked out: Double Fudge Brownie and Cookies'n Cream. (It has half the fat and only 1/3 the calories of regular ice cream. but magically tastes like regular creamy ice cream.) We got big smiles from everyone, including Quinn.

Happy birthday my oldest. Sweetest. Most compliant. Delightful. Golden child.

Your turn:
Make a smile with a sundae at your house this summer. And, when you do, take a picture and upload it here, joining thousands of others in the Dreyer's Ice Cream Reason to Smile Program! For every ice cream smile captured in a photo and uploaded to Dreyer’s Facebook page, Slow Churned will donate $5 to Operation Smile.

And, they're giving away 400 coupons for Dreyer's every day. Be quick and get yours on their Facebook page here. And make yourself a fabulous sundae this summer!

By the end of the summer, their goal is to give away more than 25,000 scoops of ice cream at festivals, fairs, and other local events; capture 25,000 ice cream smiles; and to gift 500 surgeries/smiles to children in-need thru Operation Smile.

Dreyer’s® Slow Churned Light Ice Cream is churned slowly for all the rich & creamy taste of regular ice cream, but with half the fat and one-third fewer calories. Now that’s a reason to smile. Give a smile with Operation Smile here.

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