Lowe's: Kids, build a Madagascar 3 car toy.

Dear Luka,

You are the craftiest little 5-yr-old boy I know, so I KNOW you would love to go make this Madagascar 3 Luxury Assault Vehicle (driven by Penguins) at Lowe's on Saturday. The free kids craft at Lowe's will help surely keep you amused, and out of the house, for a good hour. And, you can make all by yourself (with a little help from daddy) with your favorite tool: The Hammer of Thor! And remember, just because it's called an "Assault Vehicle" does not mean you can wake up brother by driving over his head at 8:00 in the morning.

Tell daddy to register you here. Then, please go to Lowe's promptly at 10:00am on Saturday, June 23rd (Preferably for as long as possible) Bring daddy. Since you can't drive and all. Maybe you can swing by Jack in the Box and get brother 2 crunchy tacos and an egg roll, cuz you know he won't be up that early, and it'll be like an apology in advance for driving the assault vehicle over his head, even though I told you not to.

Thanks. Love ya, Mommy.

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