Staples: 1¢ school supplies + more.

Ready for some more back-to-school penny deals? If you can get extras, remember that your child's school is always appreciative of school supply donations. Thanks for the list, Jenny.

Keep in mind that Staples deals are often regional, so these penny deals might or might not apply in your area.

1¢ Deals (get them with a$5 purchase):
Avery Insertable Dividers .01¢
Staples Writing Pad .01¢

.25¢ Deal:
Bic Ball Point Pens .25¢

.50¢ Deals:
Staples Pencil Sharpener .50¢
Staples Pencil Box .50¢
Westcott Rulers .50¢
Wet Wipes .50¢

$1 Deals:
Bic Highlighters $1
Avery Durable Binder $1
Expo Dry Erase Board Cleaner $1
Staples Dry Erase $1
Staples Translucent Box $1
Steadler Compass $1
Zebra Z-Grip $1

Find more great recent deals in Shopping Intelligence. Every Monday til school starts, I'll be publishing the best school supply deals for each week.

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