Free Hotel Transylvania computer game for kids. #HotelT

Zombie! Bring me my dinner! GRRRRRR.

Hotel Transylvania comes out in just 10 days! Today was a rainy, gloomy day here at home so there are no fun fall family outings planned. Thankfully, we found the free kids game app Hotel Transylvania THE GAME on Facebook.

This Hotel Transylvania game is an easy app to click and play, even for Luka who is 6. It's kind of like Little Big Planet, in that you have to build your world (your own hotel). You'll find it here. It's kind of like Sims, in that you have to take care of the monsters that check into your hotel. This past weekend we just left the Facebook window open on my computer and checked on our guests periodically, to see if they needed anything.

I'm adding a spa to the hotel, mom!

Our guests of course, are all monsters. And also of course, the bellhops at our hotel are Zombies. And you don't hire them, you harvest them. Your bellhops by the way, occasionally drop dead and have to be replaced. *sigh* Good help is so hard to find.

Your guests can sleep in Pirate Ship Beds, and swim in the green stagnant hotel rooftop pool. You can not only make money to buy lovely cobwebs to decorate the rooms, but you can earn brains to feed your Zombie bellhops. And just when you think you've gotten everyone tucked into their little Pirate Ship beds for the night, a taxi comes and drops off yet another demanding Monster. This one wants a little pampering in the spa.

"Who's your favorite character, Luka?"


"He's the werewolf, right?"


"Why do you like him the best?"

"It looks like he's having a happy hour in the lounge, so I'm makin' lots of money."

My little hotel entrepreneur. I've created a monster.

About the movie, opening September 28th:
Now that we are obsessed with building out own Hotel Transylvania on Facebook, we can not WAIT until we get to see this movie. This animated kid's film has so many of my favorite old Saturday Night Live cast members: Adam Sandler, Jon Lovitz, Molly Shannon, David Spade, and Andy Samberg.

Hotel Transylvania is the story of a dad (Dracula) and his daughter (also a vampire). Dad has of course built a protective bubble of a life for his daughter, as most dads do. But, in this case the bubble includes every monster you've ever – and never – run into, and excludes the rest of the world: namely us regular folks. In their world, we're scary and to be avoided at all costs. The daughter, Mavis, of course, decides that this is totally uncool. Want to see a trailer of Hotel Transylvania? I've got one here.

Sony Pictures Presents “Hotel Transylvania”, where monsters go to get away from it all. Check in September 2012.

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