Have 5X more fun in Houston's Museum District.

Take me back to the Houston Children's Museum right now or I'm going to eat you.

There is high-yield fun to be had for cheap or free right smack in the middle of Houston, especially this weekend. We know this because we've been on weekend family trips to Houston. Weekend trips where daddy played in a handball tournament all day and mommy had to figure out how to entertain the troops. With no car. Not so much money. And no idea what she was doing. The Museum District was the answer. You can find a list of nineteen museums in that area that you can visit, and even find coupons to use at some of them on their site here!

Make sure you see The Menil Collection. I don't have any pictures of this fantastic collection, but it was one of our favorites. And, it is always free.

I want to live forever in the Houston Children's Museum.
What's the first thing I always do when I hit a town for the first time, and have not a clue where to go with kids? I search on-line for Children's Museums. And boy did we luck out, because Houston has one of the most AWESOME Children's Museums we've ever been to (and believe me, we've been to a lot of them). Houston's Children's Museum cost us nothing to get in, because we used our membership from the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas as a reciprocal membership.

There are science experiments, hands-on activities and puzzles to solve. And it seems there are events and special activities going on all the time. We walked right in to face painting: Luka's all-time favorite fall activity, like I said last week.

All kids end up at FlowWorks outside the museum.
Their outdoor FlowWorks is a sight to behold, and the toddlers and parents filled it by noon. Luka was wet from head to toe after 3 hours. (Which is why in pictures from later the same day he is mysteriously wearing different clothes.) He did however, manage to keep most of his face paint on...also garnered from the museum.

Wear your swimsuit and bring a change of clothes. And, plan to stay a long, long time. Quinn and I had to literally CARRY Luka out of the place kicking and screaming because he wanted to live there forever and ever. Wanna see a video of the whole day? Visit my YouTube channel here.

The Biggest Best Playground Ever.
A short distance from the Children's Museum we found the most amazing playground we'd ever seen. It's around the corner of Fannin and Cambridge in Hermann Park. Right next to the Houston Zoo! We actually had so much fun on the playground, we never even made it into the zoo, but again, we could have used our Dallas Zoo membership as a reciprocal membership to get in for free.

Remember to always check in cities you are visiting to see what memberships you have that will get you in for free when you visit other places. We save alot of money on entertaining the kiddos that way.

A Walk Thru the Park.
Take out the zoo, and the playground, and a few museums, and you still have the might wide Hermann Park itself. The park has an extensive network of jogging trails and lush vegetation. Lots of shade. Kinda perfect for a hike and a picnic. After hours in the playground and park, all Luka was up for was a hike asleep on daddy's shoulder.

Museum District Day is free in September.
Usually in September, it's Museum District Day in Houston. There will be free admission to 18 museums, free pedicab rides to take you around to all the museums, and loads of street festivities, food, and fun. Find out all about it here. Definitely 5X the fun you'd find in any other city that weekend.

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