Hotel Transylvania and other fun fall outings for your little monsters.

I smile right before I destroy you, puny human.

One of the greatest joys in life, when you are Luka, besides coloring, is being someone else. Someone that comes in a primary color. Someone that growls for a living. Someone with biceps the size of basketballs, or fangs, or both. And there's no better time of year to unleash your inner monster than fall, what with the glut of not only Halloween costumes being put out on display, but the over abundance of fall carnivals, festivals, and fairs, each with a plethora of face-painters.

Carnivals, Fairs, and Festivals
Once school starts, that means fall school carnivals start. And here in Dallas, we make every attempt to support our local grade school and neighborhood, or five, by attending and spending. It's one of our favorite family outings. Luka's thing to do at school carnivals, neighborhood festivals, and even the big ol' Texas State Fair is to get his face painted just like his favorite monster-du-jour. Well that, and feats of strength. Or anything that involves a ball or a balloon.

One of the great things about neighborhood events is the cheap or free cost of everything. School carnivals typically charge mere quarters for tickets to play each game. So Luka has a blast, we didn't spend alot of money, and the money we did spend went to support a school or neighborhood association. Me? I am just lookin' for funnel cake at these events.

Museums: Art and Otherwise
Once the weather gets cooler, it's fun to play inside at our local science museums, art museums, and children's museums. Why do we like these? You learn something in addition to being entertained. You get to see the world through someone else's eyes. You grow up associating the word "museum" with "awesome". There's always something to colorBonus if they have a face painter on-site the day you're there.

Even when we take out-of-town weekend trips to Austin, Houston, or San Antonio, we bring along all of our Dallas museum membership cards. Why? Most museum memberships are reciprocal, and you can use those membership cards to get in free to museums in other cities. We've spent many-a-Saturday at the Austin and Houston Children's Museums and the San Antonio Arboretums, all for free.

The Mall and the Movies
From the time school starts til we get to Christmas, there's always a movie to catch at NorthPark Center, our favorite mall. It's almost a ritual for us on Sundays during the fall: donuts on the way in the car, movie at the theater in NorthPark, chicken nuggets in the food court, and shopping at a certain mall store with tiny colored blocks which shall remain nameless and who's products take up serious and every-growing real estate in my home.

I have decided I shall live in the food court from now on.

This month, we're looking forward to Hotel Transylvania that opens on September 28th. This animated kid's feature boasts quite a few Saturday Night Live cast members: Adam Sandler, Jon Lovitz, Molly Shannon, David Spade, and Andy Samberg.

One of the unique features of this film is the way the voices were done: all together. Usually animation dubs in their voices after recording them individually. Hotel Transylvania put the whole voice cast together and let them go. The result is a more lively, emotional, comedic free-for-all that you just can't get being scripted alone in a booth.

Hotel Transylvania is the story of a dad (Dracula) and his daughter (also a vampire). Dad has of course built a protective bubble of a life for his daughter, as most dads do. But, in this case the bubble includes every monster you've ever – and never – run into, and excludes the rest of the world: namely us regular folks. In their world, we're scary and to be avoided at all costs. The daughter, Mavis, of course, decides that this is totally uncool. Check out the trailer below.

Want to get in on even more Hotel Transylvania fun? Play the Hotel Transylvania Facebook game for free here with your kids.

Sony Pictures Presents “Hotel Transylvania”, where monsters go to get away from it all. Check in September 2012.

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