Making strides toward getting every woman a mammogram.

Me and Sheri. And our cleavage. In our skinny, no gray hair, carefree days. Before Breast Cancer.

The American Cancer Society asked me to write about how Breast Cancer has affected my life. So far, I have escaped with only minor annoyances...but Breast Cancer is the monster that nearly ate my best friend Sheri. Sheri is a Five-Year Conqueror (her official title) and Mammogram Poster Girl (her unofficial title).

Sheri is the best friend who introduces herself to you as you sit alone in a restaurant with your two-month old baby, eating breakfast, and trying not to look so helpless. She is the one who invites you to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukah dinners with her family at her house, because she knows you don't have any of your own family gatherings to attend.

She laughs hysterically with you when her two-year-old projectile vomits into the giant box of auction programs you both just put together. When everybody has seen you in every nice dress you own, she lets you rifle thru her walk-in closet for just the right dress and cowboy boots to borrow. She offers to nail a dead rat to the doors of boys who break your heart.

Sheri's the one who started the phrase that I use all the time. When someone does your friend wrong, you tell her "I hate them for you." I'm sure I've said that to some of you. Sheri started it. Go ahead, you can use it too.

She comes to rescue you if your car breaks down. She babysits your kid when you have a meeting. And if she can't do it, she gets her kids to babysit your kids. She brings you treats when you're sick. And wine when you're sad. Basically, Sheri keeps me sane. She is so woven into the fabric of my life, I can't imagine a life without her in it.

Me and Sheri. And Sheri's cleavage. Fifteen years later. Woot! She's still got it.

I've been so lucky to have Sheri as my friend for 15 years. Especially the last five. In 2008, Sheri found out, thru a mammogram, that she had Breast Cancer. And everything for her changed. Our whole neighborhood banded together in support, and now five years after THE WORST YEAR, I am thankful for every single Wednesday when I get to have coffee with her in our neighborhood coffee shop. I am thankful that the monster did not eat her up.

In October, my hair is pink for Sheri.

During her battle with Breast Cancer, she wrote long emails to all of us in the neighborhood, to keep us updated "from the desk of the Mammogram Poster Girl". She decided to turn her good fortune of early detection into a passion for making sure others without means to do so can get a perhaps life-saving mammogram too. Using her amazing powers of event planning, fund-raising, and knowing every important person in Dallas, her efforts just get bigger and more amazing every year.

I admire her so much for all her selfless hard work and vision. She's made great strides in overcoming a really difficult, life-altering event and turning it into something good.

Today, you can make strides on the double!
North Texas readers, today is Donor Bridge Day, and if you make a donation to The American Cancer Society here thru Donor Bridge, they'll match it! So your donation doubles everyone's efforts to end Breast Cancer.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the American Cancer Society's nationwide series of walking events to raise funds and awareness to end breast cancer.

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