Plants vs Zombies: get a free download of the computer game Mac or PC.

This Halloween, you can give away printable coupons to download the computer game "Plants vs Zombies" to the kids who trick-or-treat your house. Download coupons to print here. Hand them out. The kids then bring the secret code on the coupon to this Plants vs Zombies website and get a download of the game for free right after Halloween. This is a very popular iphone game at my house, so I know Luka is going to want this for his computer too.

Forget candy, zombies are where its at.

More Halloween Goodies for free:
Make and print out Halloween coloring sheets with your kid's name on them here. Heck, make one for every kid in the class, and you'll be the superstar mom.

Don't forget you can play the free Hotel Transylvania Computer Game with your kids on the computer thru your Facebook account.

Find ideas for crafts, recipes and outings for Halloween from my Halloween Pinterest board here.

You can still get kid's Halloween costumes for less than $10 too, it's not too late.

And, if you're carving a pumpkin this week with your kids, here's an easy step-by-step pumpkin-carving how-to and links to free jack-o-lantern stencils.

Find more recent Swag I've blogged about to fill your mailbox with Halloween goodies.

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