Save-A-Lot Dollar Deals: ground turkey, sausage + more.

My family does shop at Save-A-Lot. What do we like about Save-A-Lot? You can get the staples for WAY cheaper than at a full-size grocery store. We are also in love with their store brand J. Higgs ridged potato chips, which are only .99¢ a bag. Very tasty! Not to mention, bananas are always .33¢/lb every day there. I find that the Save-A-Lot store brand items are every bit as good as name brand ones. But, Save-A-Lot carries name brand items as well.

Save-A-Lot has a new promotion for October in some areas called 10 for $10. There will be tons of items for just $1 in this sale, and some of them are amazing in my opinion: Butterball Turkey Bacon, Bar-S Hot Dogs (the only kind Luka will eat, and he eats them everyday), ground turkey, sausage rolls, smoked sausage, Hormel Pepperoni, baby carrots, Totino's Pizza Rolls, Progresso Soups, and more!

See the whole list here. (and hopefully your Save-A-Lot has the same deals mine does) And, the best part? You can use coupons at Save-A-Lot, so you can make these deals work harder. I know I'll be stocking up my freezer with a lot of these specials.

Your local Save-A-Lot accepts manufacturer's coupons as well. Here's the how-to for Save-A-Lot. You can also find some easy $5 Dinner recipes using ingredients from Save-A-Lot here. I love that their stores' mission is to help families get what they need for less.

Serving up snacks for a football party this fall? 
They've put together a full menu below for you, using Save-A-Lot ingredients, with prices. You can throw the whole party for about $26.

Big Game Chili
Ground chuck ($3.99 for two pounds)
Marcum Chili Seasoning packets (3 for $1)
Wylwood Kidney or Chili Beans (65 cents)
Diane’s Garden Tomato Paste (39 cents)
Diane’s Garden Diced or Stewed Tomatoes (65 cents)
J. Higgs Crackers (89 cents for a 16-ounce box)
Total cost: $7.57

Meatball Marinara Sliders
Leading national brand family-size meatballs in marinara sauce ($2.00)
Dinner rolls (12-count $1.99)
Cheese slices ($2.29)
Total cost: $6.28

Hot “Drummies”
New SAL-brand Hot Wing Sauce ($1.29)
Chicken drumsticks (89 cents per pound, two pounds)
New SAL-brand blue cheese dressing ($1.99)
Total cost: $5.06

Chips ‘n Cheese Dip
Senora Verde Tortilla Chips (99 cents)
Senora Verde Tomatoes & Green Chilies (49 cents)
Country Crossings Marvella Cheese Spread ($3.49 for 32 ounces)
Total cost: $4.97

Three 2-liter bottles of Save-A-Lot brand sodas (69 cents)
Total cost: $2.07

Grand total: $25.95

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