Ghirardelli Chocolate: my favorite Valentine.

And what do those of us who have HUSBANDS AND CHILDREN WHO REALLY REALLY LOVE US on Valentines Day get? We get our Ghirardelli Chocolate, duh. Get your chocolate fix here where Ghirardelli Chocolate Sale Items are up to 35% off.

Let me recommend the Milk & Truffle Squares. Don't turn your ears off now, just because I said "milk" chocolate instead of "dark" chocolate. I thought the same thing too. Until I ate one. THIS is what milk chocolate is supposed to taste like, and if everyone's milk chocolate tasted like this, I would not have avoided the whole category for so long. After eating the whole bag, I think I'm in love.

My next new favorite are the Sea Salt & Caramel Dark Chocolate Squares. Ooey gooey caramel and deep dark chocolate with a whisper of salt means I can't eat just one. Maybe, sometimes, I can stop after two. But more likely it's going to be three. Yes, three. I can limit myself to that. I never really liked caramel chocolates my whole life, and that's because I hadn't had these. When these run out, I won't be the happy mommy that I've been this past month, I'll go back to being Darth Mommy. Yes, I will.

Then if you must know, I am partial to the Dark Chocolate Mint Squares and the Raspberry Dark Chocolate Squares too. They are good with my afternoon Chianti.

And, let's not forget the Egg Nog Squares. Yep, you heard me, Egg Nog. Now you want one, don't you.

All I know if that if I run out of my stash of Ghirardelli Squares before my birthday (which is two weeks after Valentine's Day), SOMEBODY better make quick with a run to the store that morning. Yes, children I have a stash. And it is hidden where you will never find it.

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