How to help fund the arts in elementary schools.

My little artist friends. 

Do you have art classes in your neighborhood public elementary school? Do you know how they're funded? In my neighborhood, because of never-ending budget shortfalls, art (and music, drama, dance) are paid for by parents, local businesses, and members of the community who realize that art is as important to a child's intellectual development as math is.

Because that is not covered in the school's budget from Dallas ISD. As is the case with many school districts around the country.

The Arts are as important to children's education as math, science, and reading. The thinking a child uses to create art lays the foundation for and develops their imaginative idea-generating and critical thinking skills, and these skills are key to life long self-confidence and self-discipline says Americans for the Arts.

We wouldn't dream of the children in our community going without a well-rounded education that includes art class so we all work together to give that to the children of our community. Wouldn't you?

Artwork from students at Rosemont based on artist Angelo DiCiccio.

Art at Rosemont Primary School
I've just connected my neighborhood elementary school, Rosemont Primary, to Blick Art Materials Art Room Aid website. On Art Room Aid, art teachers can make an art supply wish list, and crowdsource funding for those art supplies.

Stacy, Rosemont Primary's art teacher.

Stacy, the art teacher at Rosemont Primary, and I built a list for Rosemont that anyone can donate to, that is comprised of almost everything Stacy would need to teach art classes to all the kids in this public Pre-K thru 2nd grade school for an entire year: from markers to paint to tag board.

Luka helps paint a mural in Deep Ellum.

According to Adopt the Arts, studies have shown that kids who participate in visual arts express their ideas in more complex language than other students. More complex language equals better grades in school, y'all. Better grades equals motivation, self-respect, and success.

Is your school facing a shortfall in their budget for art classes? I encourage you to work with your local school and set up an Art Room Aid project for them too. When communities, business, parents, and teachers work together, great things can be accomplished. Many hands make light work, as the saying goes. Hands covered in paint in this case.

Why art is important to me.
We put a major importance on art at my house. After all, I did go to art school. I've been in an art career my whole adult life, and I'm trying to get back into an art career at this very moment. We take our children to free art museums, theater, concerts, and galleries on a regular basis.

Quinn and Luka both take art classes, not only at school, but outside of school at our neighborhood art center, Oil & Cotton. I pay for that with change I find in the sofa.

Luka's newest art project at home this week: The Valentine's Day Box.

I'm going to continue to feature Kid's Art Projects on Mommy's Wish List this year like this one, with the help of Stacy, the public school art teacher at Rosemont. Luka is so lucky to have Stacy as his art teacher. She has some great projects lined up for my kids and yours this year. We hope you enjoy making them, and learn something about the artists and techniques featured.

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