Infographic: Where Artists Get Their Inspiration.

This informative art infographic was created by Blick Art Materials, art suppliers to artists since 1911. It is part of a series I'm writing about the importance of art in schools. You can very easily support local school art teachers and their classrooms through Blick's Art Room Aid.

Why art is important at my house.
We put a major importance on art at my house. After all, I did go to art school. I've been in an art career my whole adult life, and I'm trying to get back into an art career at this very moment. We take our children to free museums, theater, concerts, and galleries on a regular basis.

The Arts are as important to my children's education as math, science, and reading. The thinking a child uses to create art lays the foundation for and develops their imaginative idea-generating and critical thinking skills, and these skills are key to life long self-confidence and self-discipline says Americans for the Arts.

According to Adopt the Arts, studies have shown that kids who participate in visual arts express their ideas in more complex language than other students. More complex language equals better grades in school, y'all. Quinn and Luka both take art classes, not only at school, but outside of school at our neighborhood art center. I pay for that with change I find in the sofa.

I'm going to be featuring Kid's Art Projects on Mommy's Wish List this year, with the help of one of our fantastically creative local public school art teachers, Stacy. Luka is so lucky to have Stacy as his art teacher both at school, and in the summer. She has some great projects lined up for my kids and yours this year. We hope you enjoy making them.

Mommy's Wish List Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Blick ARA thru The Motherhood.

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