Valentine's Day Roses: what each color means.

Do you love me? Or, is this a thank you for saving your butt last week?

Valentine's Day is next week, people. And in case you didn't catch my 10 Red Velvet Valentine's Day Gifts list in the Dallas Morning News, here's number 11: Red Velvet Roses. Yep, that's really a type of rose. And I'd like mine with some Red Velvet Wine from Cupcake Vineyards too. ($9.99 at Whole Foods)

Ok, well, I'd be ecstatic with any roses for that matter.

Because I am a pretty princess, and pretty princesses like flowers.

Turns out that the color of the rose you give and receive on Valentine's Day could have it's own agenda, other than acknowledging one's pretty princessness. A secret message. A code. A vibe. Make sure the roses you give are giving off the vibe you want them to.

Not sure which color to pick? This handy secret color code chart of which rose means what, is from my friends at Whole Foods.

Valentine Rose Color Coding:
Red: means romantic love. The real deal y'all. Say anything akin to John Cusack in Say Anything, in conjunction to giving this rose.

Yellow: means friendship or congratulations. Like "Dood, you finally got that rockstar job you deserve!"

White: means “I miss you” (also represents truth) but "I miss you, especially when I'm trying to figure out for myself how to use the iron" is maybe going too far with the truth part.

Peach: means “Thank You” as in "Thank you for not selling me to the circus, mommy."

Purple: means love at first sight. Or "I can't find my Prince cassette tape from high school so really I'd like a CD of it for my birthday. Hint hint." Whichever is more appropriate in your house.

Yellow with red tips: means friendship turning into love. "I used to like talking about calculus with you, but now I'm only interested in discussing chemistry."

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