Barnes & Noble: Free book from summer reading program.

Quinn read Fahrenheit 451 until it fell apart.

Barnes & Noble gives kids a free book, just for reading over the summer. Thru their Imagination's Destination Summer Reading Program, your kids get one free book of their choice. This is an easy way to add to your home library, in addition to finding discount books at used book stores, checking them out at your local library, or downloading free public domain novels for Kindle.

Who: Barnes & Noble

What: Imagination's Destination summer reading program for children grades 1-6. Details here.

When: May 21st thru September 3rd.

Where: Find your nearest Barnes & Noble here.

How: Kids can earn ONE book from Barnes & Noble when they read 8 books of their choice over the summer and submit the list to Barnes & Noble in the form of a Journal.

BONUS: It's available in English (pages 1 & 2 of Passport) and Spanish (pages 3 & 4).

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