Ellen's Southern Kitchen: my new favorite Sunday breakfast.

Ellen's Poached Eggs & Cheese Grits

This morning we went to Ellen's Southern Kitchen in the West End of Dallas for breakfast. We always have the hardest time finding places to eat breakfast on a Sunday morning, because we seem to eat breakfast early, like around 8am. And the rest of Dallas likes to eat brunch, and so most nicer breakfast restaurants don't open until 11am.

We'd eat brunch too, but for the small person that gets up at 6am every day. If I get to sleep until 6:30, I consider that late sleeping.

Ellen's opens at 7:30am. Every day. We got there at 8:30.

On top of that desirable time-slot, my husband bought a Groupon so our first visit there would cost less. We like to use Groupons and other daily deals to try new restaurants for the first time. And when you show up to eat really early in the morning, you get the restaurant to yourself. We like that too.

Inside, Ellen's feels like a country club's restaurant, or a place you'd eat in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It was welcoming and warm, and not pretentious at all. And there's a full bar, so have at it with the Mimosas and Bloody Mary's for breakfast, y'all.

Not only is Ellen's beautiful inside, it's kid-friendly.

Ellen's Food is hearty, rich, and very Southern:
Grits rule. That's the tagline on the Ellen's Southern Kitchen menu, and they're not kidding. They like cheese grits so much, you can get them all day long, not just for breakfast. Look for lots of bacon, greens, cheese, and butter. My husband fell in love with the Eggs on Chili.

Luka was dazzled by the fancy hot chocolate they made for him. And he ordered "just one big pancake" which was not a menu item specifically, and they were happy to accommodate his request. Many of the breakfast entrees let kids order the "Kid's Portion" version of the adult favorite.

Ellen's is located at 1718 N Market Street (corner of Market and Corbin, across the street from TGIFridays) in the West End in Dallas. You can park on the street at a parking meter in front of TGIFriday's, which are now pay-by-credit-card swipe meters instead of accepting coins. At 8:00 in the morning on a Sunday, you'll have your choice of spots, it's a ghost town down there. Although open at 7:30am, Ellen's will start filling in around 9:30am.

Our biggest surprise? It costs no more to eat at Ellen's for our family, than it does to eat at Denny's or IHOP. The food is great, AND you get a lovely, relaxing ambiance that a chain restaurant with booths just can't deliver.

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