GoGo-Ritas: Margaritas using GoGo squeeZ.

For a collection of Five Minute Appetizer recipes to go along with this fun GoGo-Rita party drink, visit my Pinterest Board for ideas here. These would be great drinks for a brunch, shower, or dinner party. And, they're made with applesauce, so that counts as a serving of fruit!

When I visited Blissdom, a blogger conference, I was introduced to the GoGo squeeZ brand of applesauce (in those cute little squeeze pouches). Luka is absolutely in love, and has one in his lunch every day now. One day at the conference we were served GoGo-Ritas, which were a surprise we were not expecting from what we considered to be a kid's snack.

It was a good surprise.

I thought I'd share the recipe for these tasty applesauce margaritas with you, so you can enjoy them at home too.

This is how we usually use GoGo Squeez.

Ingredients for one GoGo-Rita:
1 cup of ice
1 oz tequila
1 oz apple brandy
1 pouch of GoGo squeeZ
1 oz sour mix
Cinnamon to sprinkle on top
Sugar to rim the glass
Apple Wedge for garnish

Directions which take 5 minutes:

Throw ice, tequila, brandy, GoGo squeeZ applesauce, and sour mix into the blender and blend well.

Pour into a sugar-rimmed glass. (dip rim of glass in water, then immediately into sugar to make a sugar-rimmed glass.)

Sprinkle Cinnamon on top, add apple wedge.


Looks fancy. Tastes fancy. Took no time at all. Has a serving of fruit!

GoGo squeeZ is available nationally at Walmart, Target, Costco, Whole Foods, Kroger, Publix, Harris Teeter and most major retailers. Look here to find a retailer near you.

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