Home Depot: free Southern Living Plants Container Gardening Workshops.

My front porch container garden.

Ready to learn how to make a container garden for your porch or patio? Maybe you'd like one for an inside table for a shower or party. Or as a gift for the end of the hear for your child's teacher. Container gardens are much easier to put together and take care of than taking on your entire yard. And with a few tips from an expert like Southern Living PlantsCarmen Johnston, you can make one for yourself.

It took me a few years to figure out a good way to pick and arrange plants in a container. I have books, and friends who are horticulturalists to help me. And, I love going to gardening workshops (for free) at Home Depot. This Saturday, Carmen Johnston from Southern Living Plants will be at Home Depot on Skillman in Dallas for a free workshop on Container Gardens at 10:30am. I'll be there, will you join me?

My thematic color this spring is blue.

Every spring I replant my front porch containers, and a few other containers around my yard with a thematic color I let one of the boys pick. Last spring the color was pink, and we choose everything pink we could find at Home Depot. And, a few of last fall's begonias (with pinkish tinged leaves) came up again voluntarily, so they added to the variety of textures and pink colors we found.

My pink Hawthorne shrub that comes back every spring.

I find to keep myself from getting overwhelmed with all the choices, I stick with one color. Then, I know that everything I pick will go together. I also aim for a variety of textures. Some fluffy grasses, some leaves with a frosty look to them, some flowers with wide leaves, some with tiny leaves. And always a variety of heights. I like to have one vine plant to cascade over the front of the container as well.

This spring, Quinn choose blue as our theme. We have many blue and purple flowers, and even some non-flowering plants and grasses that the green is a bit on the blueish side, to add some variety. You can find flowers for your needs, shade vs sun, and what area of the country you live in using Southern Living's Plant Finder here.

What you'll learn from Carmen:
Not only will Carmen be in Dallas this Saturday at the Home Depot, you can see her in Tennessee and Georgia too, on a Celebrate Spring Southern Living Plants tour here. Carmen will give tips on different kinds of container gardens, like making a beautiful tablescape for your dining room,  a quick and easy snip-n-clip bouquet, and simple ways to decorate front and back porches.

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