Zoës Kitchen supports school arts in 3 fun ways.

Zoës tastes good, but they also have great taste! 

Y'all already know that I support the arts in school. Alot. And I just found out that one of my favorite new restaurants, Zoës Kitchen, does too. Zoës Kitchen gives back to it's local communities in three unique ways, one of which was all over the walls of my local Zoës on my family's last visit:

Art at Zoës.
Each Zoës partners with a local elementary school or children's program to celebrate the creative and artistic spirit of children. You may see this creative spirit on the wall shelf at your local Zoës too. Local groups can apply to be a part of Zoës Kitchen Art Program here, where artwork is made at Zoës and is for sale to the public. Proceeds go back to the school or program to help fun more arts!

Fundraising events at Zoës.
Zoës can host your school's event, and create proceeds nights, where your community eats at Zoës and a portion of the sales that evening go back to your school. Or, they can create off-site catering options for your fundraising event, again with a portion of the proceeds going back to your school. Download their fundraiser application form here.

See Zoës Kitchen menu for all the tasty healthful options they have. You'll really feel good about serving their food to your kids.

Zoës wants to share the good food with your school community.

Zoës Kitchen Gift Cards.
Zoës is happy to donate gift cards to local school silent or live auctions and fund-raisers. You can apply for that program here. I don't know if I've ever seen a restaurant so involved and supportive of their local community and kid's arts, as well as standing behind their mission of serving healthy food to kids and families.

They're really an convergence of so many things important to me, I just had to share this program with you.

Why arts education is important to me.
We put a major importance on art at my house. After all, I did go to art school. I've been in an art career my whole adult life. We take our children to free art museums, theater, concerts, and galleries on a regular basis.

Quinn and Luka both take art classes, not only at school, but outside of school at our neighborhood art center, Oil & Cotton. I pay for that with change I find in the sofa. Luka just got his first piece of art in our local elementary kid's art show, Dia De Los Ninos. So we loved the little kid art being celebrated at Zoës Kitchen.

Get more treats from Zoës Kitchen.
Download the new Zoës Kitchen app here. Find out the nutrition content of menu items, order for pick-up and free treats on every visit!

Join the Zoës Zealots zmail club here to be in the know about Zoës menu and special offers.

Find your nearest Zoe's here. They are located in AL, AZ, FL, GA, KY, LA, MD, NC, NJ, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, and VA.

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Mommy's Wish List Disclosure: Zoës Kitchen invited me to an event to learn more about them.

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