How to bring your garden inside: 4 party decor tips from Southern Living.

How to use flowers from your garden inside your home.

Two weeks ago, I learned how to make a container garden for your porch or patio from Southern Living Plants' expert Carmen Johnston, and I wanted to share four easy tips she taught me. I always love our outside garden this time of year, and wish the insides of my house could be just as pretty.

I can put clipped flowers in a vase. That's easy...but what are some other ways to bring the feeling of my summer garden inside?

Salvia Swizzel Sticks
Clip a few stalks of salvia, and drop them in a pretty drink, like sparkling cranberry or other sparkling juice. Serving them in a champagne glass, even on a regular day, makes you feel like a pretty princess.

Verbena Napkin Rings
Roll your cloth napkins, and add a clipping of verbena tied with a bit of ribbon, raffia, or string.

Cut Flower Cake Topper
Add clipped flowers to the top of a plain white cake. So easy, and so pretty. Cut the stems very short and push them down into the frosting. Try the famous Southern Living White Cake recipe or take a short-cut and get one at your local grocery store's bakery!

Floating Flowers Candle Holder
Carmen found this neat Extra Large Hurricane Candle Holder at Target. The tray for the candle is a good 6 inches from the bottom, so it appears to "float" inside the glass. We filled the bottom of the glass jar with water and pushed the flower clippings down into the water. Then we added the tray, and the candle. This made a beautiful centerpiece.

Southern Living Plants:
Find out more about what kinds of plants to put into your garden if you live in the south (like me), and Carmen will give tips on different kinds of container gardens, with all kinds of how-to videos. She's such a doll, and I really loved learning more about plants and how to decorate with them.

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