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A hunger-free summer for kids across America starts with you.
You can help by watching the Hunger Free Summer video (which triggers a donation from ConAgra) or donate food, money, or your time to your local food bank.

This week I spent time with my friends from ConAgra Foods, Child Hungers Ends Here, and the North Texas Food Bank at Project Transformation, right here in my neighborhood. I helped serve a nutritious lunch to my neighborhood kiddos. Did you know that 1 in 5 kids, even in YOUR own neighborhood are food-insecure?

These little ones go to school with my kids. It's not a somewhere-else issue. It's my issue. In my neighborhood we practice the "mother every kids in your vicinity" type of parenting. If you are around me, you will get mothered. So how can I sit back and do nothing?

Finding new words playing Chicktionary on my phone.

In summertime, many kids don't get breakfast. Or dinner. That's where Project Transformation comes in. Because of the Hunger-Free Summer program, Project Transformation is supported by the North Texas Food Bank who provides lunches and snacks for every kid in the summer camp at Oak Cliff United Methodist Church.

In addition to being fed every day, the kids' families get a 5lb bag of produce each week to take home. And the Food 4 Kids Backpacks send a backpack full of food home with each child every weekend.

For 20 years, ConAgra Foods Foundation has made fighting child hunger, especially over the summer, part of it's mission. Half of the foundation's ten million dollar commitment to Feeding America and it's network of food banks across America is dedicated to summer hunger support.

This is the fourth year of the Hunger-Free Summer program, and the foundation has delivered more than 2.5 million meals and snacks to children. I am writing this sponsored post for ConAgra Foods, as a part of their effort to publicize Hunger-Free Summer.

How you can donate a meal.
1.You can help by watching this Hunger Free Summer video (which triggers a donation from ConAgra) or donate to your local food bank. Click this link to watch and donate for free.

2. You can donate! $1 donated to the North Texas Food Bank equals 3 meals! Last year, NTFB, my local food pantry, provided access to 47 million meals. That's 130,000 meals a day. But the need is for 300,000 meals a day. And that's just North Texas.

3. You can bring food to your local food bank. It's easy! Use coupons to get make the money you use to buy groceries to donate go even further. We've driven trunkfuls of food there, it's easy to donate as you can see.

4. You can volunteer. This spring, the marketing agency I work for – Standing Dog Interactive – spent the day at the North Texas Food Bank as a company, working in their produce campus sorting and packaging up the produce for distribution. The food we sorted that day was on a family's table within 48 hours, fresh and tasty. In our jackets and gloves, we packed 17,500 meals in 2 hours, in their giant refrigerator.

Hunger-Free Summer is a national program established by Feeding America and ConAgra Foods Foundation to make sure that kids get fed during the summer months, when their school feeding programs are not up and running. 1 in 5 kids in America doesn't know where their next meal is coming from.

Mommy's Wish List Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ConAgra Foods and Feeding America's Hunger Free Summer thru The Motherhood. Photo of me playing with the kids courtesy of North Texas Food Bank. Photo of Standing Dog volunteers courtesy of Brooke Price.

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