Wendy's: Eat a Frosty this weekend and donate to Adoption.

Get Dad a Frosty at Wendy's this weekend! During Father's Day weekend, 50¢ from each Frosty purchased will be donated to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. DTFA supports Wendy's Wonderful Kids which helps foster kids find forever homes.

Helping kids is near to my son Quinn's heart, he is on the Teen Board of Community Partners of Dallas. We moms, and dads, like to help other kids out too, however we can. Especially if it involves ice cream. So twist my arm and make me eat a Frosty. My friends and I will be eating OUR fill of Frosties this Father's Day weekend, I guarantee. In fact, Quinn and I started yesterday.

You might want some Wendy's Fries with your Frosty this weekend too. And, you can eat them with your toes like Luka does. With fries or not, your Frosty's 50¢ goes to help Dave's kids. Even if it's the new fancy Vanilla Frosty Waffle Cone. Mmmmm.

Upload a video, image, or story about your first Frosty memory to Facebook or Twitter, and use the hashtag #FirstFrosty in your social media post. They'll make a $1 donation for every story up to $50,000.

Mommy's Wish List Giveaway Disclosure: Wendy's sponsored this post thru TheMotherhood by providing a gift card for my family. 

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