Thank you for not selling my child to the circus.

I made a Pac Man out of my gum ball.

One month of summer down. Two to go. *Woo* We miss you already, Ms Tawil.

Somehow, you managed to turn this decidedly cute but nonetheless havoc-wreaking baboon into a responsible little boy this past year in 1st grade. Somehow you figured out how to harness his hurricane-like power for good.

Your classroom did not get set on fire. No one was glued to their chair. Ok, there was that butt-wiggling incident, but you'll probably agree, in the big scheme of things not. too. awful.

I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate you, and in fact, all the teachers who help me keep Luka on the somewhat straight and narrow. You've done all the heavy-lifting.

He is slipping a little, from the lack of you.

Five reasons to say Thank You to everyone who teaches your kid something.
1. Your kid asked the docent at the The Kimball Art Museum what room the Chagall was in. All by himself. Without any prompting. Thank you Ms Cianciulli.

2. Your kid described yesterday at summer camp as "wonderful" despite the fact that he was banned from participating in the Bike Rodeo for kicking his friend Beau. Thank you Ms Dupuis.

3. Your kid still looks at the sky every morning and tells you not only what type of clouds there are, but whether it will rain or not. A very helpful party trick. Thank you Ms Merlino.

4. Your kid knows how to color outside the lines. Thank you Emily, Kayli, and Shannon.

5. Your kid made sure everyone smaller than him got an equal share of candy out of the piƱata at his birthday party. And at Julian's birthday party. And at every party this year in fact.  Thank you Ms Tawil.

All of my fingers (and toes) are crossed that we can keep it together until lovely, lovely school starts again at the end of August. Dear 2nd grade teacher, I am stock-piling gifts for you already. Like this:

Thank you in advance.

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