Yogurtland's first vegetable frozen yogurts and toppings, partnered with Looney Tunes.

Starting tomorrow at Yogurtland, you'll find all your favorite Looney Tunes. When Bugs Bunny, Marvin the Martian, Daffy Duck and they whole gang invade your local participating Yogurtland, you'll have the opportunity to not only collect Looney Tunes spoons each week, but you'll get the chance to try Yogurtland's first veggie frozen yogurt, and veggie toppings.

They'll be a kick-off party at many locations tomorrow including Looney Tunes characters, prizes and free frozen yogurt for guests. Details here.

Collect Looney Tunes spoons all summer long.

Looney Flavors and Toppings:
Shhh. Don't tell your kids that the new flavor inspired by Marvin the Martian – Kosmic Fruit Kaboom Sorbet – is not just out-of-this world delicious with pineapple, lime, and banana. It contains a secret ingredient – spinach! hehe Need even more Kaboom? You can top if off with Pop Rocks which you can get for just 59¢ a packet.

The new Bugs Bunny Carrot Cake flavor blends real carrots, hand-selected spices and cream cheese frosting. And you can top it off with shredded carrots, Yogurtland’s first vegetable topping. They've sent me a gift card to try these new flavors because they are totally behind me secretly getting Luka to eat carrots and spinach. I heart them for that.

You can also cool off with these Looney Tunes favorite flavors: Tweety Bird's Lemon Cream Cookie, Taz's Devil's Food Cake, Road Runner's Cactus Berry Tart, and Daffy Duck's Decadent Dark Chocolate Orange.

In addition to these fine flavors, you can see all many other crave-able flavors offered at your local store.

Yogurtland's goal is to surprise and delight you with exotic flavors and toppings that push the boundaries of what you'd expect from a frozen yogurt store. And they certainly deliver. One of the best things about frozen yogurt at Yogurtland is that you put the yogurt in your cup yourself, and you put the toppings on yourself as well. As much or as little as you want. It's sold by weight, not size of cup. Mix and match to your heart's content.

Find your nearest Yogurtland here. Yogurtland has 200 stores in the US, surely there is one within drooling distance of your house.

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