First Day Look Awesomeness from JCPenney.

School starts Monday. *happy dance* Mostly I'm happy about that because Luka will be back in the chaos of school which is where he thrives. I am not enough mommy for him. (And he is too much Luka for me.)

But Quinn...I will miss him going back to school tomorrow. He will be a junior. Which means I only get him at home for two more years. TWO! In fact, while I was in Boston this past week he had me walk over to Northeastern University and take pictures of the campus for him. *sniff* I can't believe he's so big. Ok, so big except for the fact that it is really hard to find man pants in his size because apparently he is not so big. We are forever looking for pants with size 28 or 29 waist.

I thought right before school started would be a perfect time to embarrass him one last time in public this summer. I thought I'd take him shopping for a few last-minute wardrobe additions, and take pictures of him trying on outfits. (Because obviously teenage boys love doing this with their mothers.) We decided to check out JCPenney, and they were kind enough to offer to pick up the tab for those last-minute additions for him. Big puffy hearts to them for their kindness.

Brands at JCPenney
I keep telling the kid that he needs more than just a Breaking Bad t-shirt and two pairs of Levis for school. He's the kid that never really asks for anything. So I had to push him to try on chinos, golf shirts, button-downs, and even skinny jeans.

VanHeusen golf shirt and chinos.

JCPenney was hoppin' when we got there Saturday afternoon. And we found a nice surprise when we walked in: a huge stack of coupons to use toward our purchase! I'm sure a lot of you are glad those are back at JCPenney. What I've realized though, shopping there often, is that the regular prices without a coupon are already great. Like William Rast jeans were only $19.99.

Quinn put together a few outfits including this very cool J Ferrar t-shirt that was ombre patterned (yup, I  discussed ombre with a teenage boy) and black skinny Levis which we found in 29 waist. (yay!) He paired them with some Vans shoes which are pretty much the only brand of shoes he wears, because "laces take too long". He is a very pragmatic boy. My friend Tony thought Quinn was very stylish in this outfit.

The funnest part of shopping with Quinn is when you ask him to add up today's total and figure the tax. IN HIS HEAD. (The bonus of shopping with a math nerd). Using the coupon they gave us at the front door, his JCPenney fashion haul of 10 shirts and 3 pairs of pants came to $185. You can print one to use this afternoon here.

He did pretty awesome in my estimation, considering the high quality brands represented in that pile: Arizona, Levis, St Johns Bay, Vans, and Arrested Development. You'll also find brands like Joe Fresh, Nanette Lepore, Betsey Johnson, Claiborne, and Nike at JCPenney. When we were at the store, we saw many, many teenagers with their moms, lookin' all cute in their new outfits. And we were probably all thinking the same thing – how did this child get so big?


I think now that Quinn's got his First Day Look (and probably his whole first week's look) set. He's got some cool casual clothes plus a few man outfits. He actually even said he had fun. I did too. I'll really miss him when he goes off to college...and now that we've bonded over shopping, even more so.

Come find your #FirstDayLook at JCPenney. For back-to-school and every day, they bring you the quality and comfort you want with the style and affordability you deserve.

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