Master Lock: how to send your teenager's school supplies back to school.

My oldest will be a junior in high school in 3 weeks. *gulp* Most of the time I cannot believe how old he is. He's taking the driving test this week. He's going to Austin City Limits with his friends this fall. We're about to go on a rampage this year of visiting colleges that he's set his eye on – like Harvard, MIT and Northeastern in/near Boston.

He's so...responsible. And he's lucky too. He's at the number one public high school in America, where the kids talk polynomials and physics, treat each other as equals, and see their teachers as peers. They're all the best of friends, and there's none of that regular high school crap you see portrayed on tv and in movies. They share their computers, school supplies, cameras, phones, and even spot each other for lunch. They're a very trustworthy lot.

I know that is not the case for everyone. We're lucky. In fact, Master Lock did a study and found out that 60% of people worry about the security of their children belongings while they are at school. And for those who's kids have lockers? 1 in 4 admitted that their kid never remembers the combination on the lock. (Um, who else has this nightmare besides me?)

Soon Quinn will go off to some college (hopefully somewhere I want to visit often so keep your fingers crossed for New York, Boston, Chicago, London, LA or San Francisco) and who knows if he'll have the same safe environment he does now for all his belongings and electronics. Cell phones, ipods, and laptops are the most commonly stolen items on college campuses.

Master Lock can help keep your kid's belongings safe.
I'm sure you had a Master Lock combination lock on your locker when you were in school to keep your valuable Shaun Cassidy locker poster safe, like I did. But our kids have it even easier than we did – no combinations to remember. Now there's a digital interface on the Master Lock DialSpeed, and the combination of numbers has been replaced with pushing directions – up, down, left, right – in a sequence to open the lock. Kind of like that electronic game Simon.

They even have a back-up master code that you store and can retrieve on The 1500eDBX DialSpeed is half-priced right now at $15.99 with free shipping on the Master Lock website.

Learn more about Back-To-School security, and have fun.
Play the Master Lock Master Campus Challenge game either on Facebook or their website now through September 8th with a chance to win valuable daily prizes, weekly sweepstakes prizes or a grand prize.

Master Lock is recognized as the world’s largest manufacturer of locks and other security products. They have provided security solutions for your home, auto, campus, sports, bike and storage since 1921.

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