News begins with new.

New babies. New jobs. New days even. I can choose to muddle thru the big and small events of my days not giving them a lot of thought, or I can see them as the news of my life. It's a conscious effort and one I'm not very good at. I tend to measure my days by accomplishments not by experiences.

We all crave newness. Daily. Most of all new experiences. Learning a new word. Seeing the world thru new eyes. Having a new perspective on an issue. Making a new connection with someone.

But if you screw this up, like me, focusing only on big end goals, and ignoring all the newness that happens in the process of getting there, it makes the news in your life happen very seldom. All you see as news is the big accomplishment. You miss the newness of every day.

Look at every day like a baby does. Babies have so few experiences in their cache, that every single moment is news. Not just first steps, first tooth, and first word. But, every step, each tooth, and never-ending vocabulary acquisition. The first time you realize your child is using a metaphor. All exciting news, and almost every day.

I think I need to think like that more often. I need a reminder to at least do this, at least every Monday.

Like my job search last year for instance...getting the job became the only news I allowed myself to recognize, for a really long time. And when it took years to get that job I saw myself doing the same old thing over and over again. Every day. No news. No excitement.

Makes it very hard to keep yourself motivated, doesn't it? It does.

One way I'm working on recognizing the news in my life everyday is to stop and consider how I feel about things, instead of just doing them. I have learned this only recently from friends. Realizing that doing a particular activity, like drawing, makes me feel really happy about my day, makes doing that drawing news as big as getting a job.

I'm now really excited to sit down and draw. It's a really big deal to me. It's news.

When I was a child I'd spend entire days drawing. My news was "Look I made this!" pretty much every day. I broadcast that news all over my house. When I learned a new word, I'd use it a hundred different ways, and share that news with all my friends. I especially loved learning how other people did things, saw things, used things, ate, slept, dressed. Everything was new. Everything was news. Even if I did it over and over. I looked at it in a new way every time.

Somehow I lost that perspective, as I bet a lot of people do as they get older.

It's how you see things that makes your life's daily news. Big or small things. Even things you've done, seen, tasted, or felt before. Looking at something in a new way makes it new. And news begins with new. Go make news.

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