Where to shop for school clothes for an odd-sized kid.

Quinn has always been an odd-sized kid. When he was born, he was 10th percentile in height, 5th percentile in weight, and 140th percentile in head size. The chart actually only goes up to 120, so the doctor made a dot up in the copy above the chart to show me where Quinn's head was. It took him 3 months to be able to hold up that noggin.

The first 10 years of his life he couldn't wear any shirt that required it be pulled over his head.

He used to take scissors and cut a big slit in the neck of all his t-shirts. And sweatshirts. And hoodies. But other than that self-imposed destruction, he was very easy on his clothes. Luka has been able to wear Quinn's 10-yr-old hand-me-downs because they have been so well-taken-care-of. (Then of course Luka destroys them in about a month.)

Quinn spent most of his elementary school years wearing shorts. Why? Because we could never find pants with legs long enough, yet waists small enough, to fit him. Boy wore size 2T shorts (yes, 2T) until he was 7. Thank goodness we live in Texas, where you only really have to wear pants in January.

Now that Quinn is a teenager, he has not outgrown this sizing issue. In fact, it's worse. Now Quinn has to dress up on occasion. Which means pants. He's a member of two non-profit teen boards: The Junior Historians for Dallas Heritage Village, and The Community Partners of Texas, where he will be serving in a leadership position this year. I'm so proud of him.

Also, I'm freaking out a little. Because you can't wear cargo shorts to fundraisers. Or events in which you'll be escorting dignitaries. Do you know how hard it is to find men's dress pants in 28 x 34 at the mall? I'll tell you how hard it is. They don't exist.

How I buy school clothes for my odd-sized kid.
For the past 5 years, I've only been able to find pants for this boy on-line. He wears size 28 x 34 jeans, and those are just not on the rack at your local department store. At all. Believe me, I've looked. I have always turned to for school clothes for Quinn because I can sort by size, and they always have his size. Lots of his size.

And 6pm has all the brands he likes (but at vastly reduced prices which I like): He's made me a Style Supply Wish List, which took a lot of begging on my part, because he is also the kid who always says "I don't need anything mom. I'm good." So, in an ideal world, he'd like to wear: Vans shoes, a DC tee, Hurley cargo pants, an Izod jacket, a Report Collection dress shirt, Brixton pants and Volcom jeans. (I think he was a skateboarder in another life.)

How I will buy dress-up clothes for my odd-sized kid.
After a severely unsuccessful shopping expedition to the mall department store with Quinn one recent Friday afternoon, I'm turning to 6pm again for dress clothes. He's gonna look great for his board meetings, and for any upcoming school functions. He's going to be a straight-A junior at the number one public high school in America...and he gets 5 or 6 letters a day from colleges who want his big ol' head. So I am expecting he'll need to dress up for more stuff this year.

Get clothes for your regular-sized and odd-sized kids at 6pm.
This week, 6pm is having their annual back-to-school sale just for you. Thru Wednesday, you'll find great deals on clothes, shoes, and even backpacks. So even if you're lucky and your kid wears a size 12 right off the rack, you'll find a deal on their favorite brands on 6pm.

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