Top 10 Gifts for Creative Kids

If you have artsy kids like I do, you're always trying to find unique and engaging gifts that are right up their alley. Today's wish list is a round-up ten of my favorite gifts for creative kids, for all age ranges…and only one of them is electronic.

1. Leap Frog Leap Pad Ultra
In green or Pink. The kid’s learning and creativity pad that has plusses that don’t come with ipads like: pre-installed kids apps, storytelling and language lessons, and the protection of a closed network for the device’s internet access. $149 Best for ages 4 - 6.

2. Crayola Melt N Mold Factory
Turn old broken crayons into new multi-colored shaped crayons. I totally want this. Ages 6 - 8. $49 - $65.

3. Crayon Rocks
Easy to hold to strengthen grip for small fingers. Non-toxic, all natural soy wax. $9.25. Ages 3 and up.

4. imagine i CAN Activity Kids Sets
Find sets like ShapeStack, FingerPaintFun, KnittingBeginnings, SewSwet, CheeseChase has kids make, decorate, create and play games all self-contained in cute lunchbox type container. $5-$20 Ages 3 and up

5. Kid Constructions Inc
A giant cardboard dragon, princess carriage, or bulldozer ready for your kid to color it and then wear it. Ages 4 and up. $19.99

6. Aha! Concepts UnBlocks
These unique wooden blocks have tracks on two sides, so they can not only stack, but link together for gravity-defying structures and sculptures. $18 for a small set up to $70 for large set.

7. Converse All Star Blank Canvas Sneakers Customize with fabric Paint, hot glue gun, acrylics, you name it. Available in low-top and high-top styles. $49.99 sizes 4 to 13. Kid Constructions Inc Dragon. A giant cardboard dragon ready to color it and then wear it. Ages 4 and up. $31 - $54 exclusively at Utrecht Art Supplies.

8. Fat Brain Toys SquigzThese are unique rubber building blocks with suction cups. Great on a table or in the bathtub Ages 3 and up $24.95.

9. Rainbow Loom Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet MakerThe Shimmer & Sparkle set is part of this trend that is sweeping the nation. You'll find this item at the top of every crafty kid’s list. $22.99 and up Ages 6 and up.

10. P’kolino Multi-Solution Puzzle
Lets your toddler create a wooden a solution with many different possibilities to explore pattern, shape, and color over and over again 2-sided puzzles pieces, and pieces that can swap in and out of other puzzles in the series. $19.99 Ages 2 and up.

For art project ideas, follow my Kids Art Project Pinterest Board.

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