Great Starts Origami Fortune Teller {Kid's Craft Tutorial}

I predict that you and I will try to get your kids off to a great start every morning this year.

I also predict that not everyone will not cooperate with this plan of ours.

So what is a mother to do to insulate her family against those mornings when the left shoe is nowhere to be found, the reading list is not filled out, and captain cranky pants forgot to give you that paper that says the parent teacher conferences are today? Run away is my first thought. Maybe hide under a blanket.

Or, we stick to the routine. We build a routine so solid, that it practically runs itself, whether or not anyone is cooperating. The secret to a routine that kids will follow is to make their part of it something that they can actually do (age appropriate) and then spin it to be fun.

Morning Routine Ideas:
1. Make getting dressed a timed event. Little boys seem to be able to do any task when you count down to zero.

2. Turn brushing teeth into a fancy check-list line item with a prize when the checklist is filled. Bonus points for how far you can spit.

3. Have several breakfast choices that you know your kid will eat (and be liberal here…pizza and chicken nuggets are indeed fine for breakfast in my book) and have several choices – like cereal and cereal bars – that they can get themselves if they beat you to the kitchen.

4. Get them excited for the day by asking them questions about what's in the newspaper, or the stories on the tv news. Even questions about the cartoon they're watching are good…just be interested in getting their brain working!

5. And, if you have a never-stop-moving kid like I do, start harnessing that energy in the morning with organized exercises, in game form of course, so that they'll be able to sit still for their teacher when they get to school.

Great Starts Origami Fortune Teller

Get yourself revved up for the day – mentally and physically.
Two weeks ago, we started our Tips for a Great Start from Team Kellogg's month with this free puzzle printable to get your kid's mind going first thing in the morning. Today, you can download the origami fortune teller, fold it, and have it choose a few morning calisthenics for your young'uns.

It's easy to make, just follow the simple instructions at the top of the paper, after you cut the center square out. Then, you can make your kid do a whole bunch of jumping jacks, squats, and such. And they'll ask for more.

Obviously, Luka loves this idea. If you can't see this animated gif in your email come see the post here, because he's kinda funny. And even funnier is that this is pretty much what he looked like doing it in real time. Kid never wears out.

I find this to be a very nice game to play directly preceding those times when I want Luka to sit still for extended periods of time. Like at the dentist last week.

A creative way of looking at things.
I can finally channel all of that excess energy in the morning into something that will give Luka a great start to his day. He thinks it's a fun game; I think it's genius to get him to think about formal exercises as part of his routine. Also, combining origami, which is art in my opinion, with physical activity makes this something that both Luka and I can do together. It combines my favorite thing (being creative) with his favorite thing (not sitting still).

I think it's important to look at every situation in a new creative way. That is how you come to great solutions to problems. Origami is a great vehicle for gaining a new perspective. In fact, I once designed a brochure that was an origami boat the reader had to fold together. That's how much I like origami, and creative problem solving.

I'll be sharing a new creative tip like this one every week this month, courtesy of Team Kellogg's, who is graciously sponsoring my blog for the month of January to help get my family and yours off to a great start in the new year. I'm so excited to be a part of the team and try to make a difference in the morning – and all day long! You can find more Great Starts tips on

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How are you going to have a great start every day this year?

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