Kid's Bento Ideas: Breakfast for Lunch

When school started this year, we looked at lunch in a different way. Luka is not a great lunch eater. Or eater at all for that matter. So I thought about the typical sandwich, chips, fruit and drink. And then we put together kid's lunch Bento ideas where Luka could choose a protein, a grain, a veggie, a fruit – and it's pretty much a finger food lunch. And this has been working for us.

How about you? Do you need a new approach to lunch-packing?

Sometimes looking at things in a different way, it makes all the difference between something working or not working.

Remember, the definition of doing something over and over the same way expecting different results is in fact the definition of insanity.

And I already have enough of that, thank you very much, without lunch-packing being yet another cause of my impending nervous breakdown.

Pack a Breakfast for Lunch.
Last week, we started our Tips for a Great Start from Team Kellogg's month with this free puzzle printable. This week, how about we look at adding some more options to the Bento lunch menu, by incorporating some of Luka's favorite cereals in his lunch. Speaking of favorites, we're having an Instagram Cereal Smackdown, and if you have an Instagram account, go here and add your two cents.

I ran this idea – of putting cereal in his lunch – by him yesterday, and he thought I had just invented the wheel.

"You mean I can have Blueberry Frosted Mini-Wheats in my lunch?"


"No way! That is the best idea ever. You are a pretty princess, mommy."

"Why, thank you."

"And, you are 29."

"And you my friend are back on the nice list."

3 Ways to Add Cereal to a Lunch.
There are three ways I'll be adding cereal into lunches, as one of Luka's grain choices.
1. In a snack-size baggie. (Frosted Mini-Wheats and Crispix work the best for us)
2. By putting in one of those adorable little mini boxes of Kellogg's cereal.

3. In these cute little containers (which I've threatened Luka with the loss of certain favorite video games if they do not come back home from school).

A different way of looking at things.
Looking outside the usual solutions (to lunch, or life) is really a valuable perspective to share with a kid. From this simple addition to his lunch choices, he learns that he doesn't have to do things the way everyone else does them and that's ok. He doesn't have to follow rules that really don't make any sense (one of my New Year's Revolutions, remember?) and that's ok. And that the world is more gray, and less black and white than people would like you to believe, and that's ok too.

All that from cereal.

I'll be sharing a new tip like this one every week this month, courtesy of Team Kellogg's, who is graciously sponsoring my blog for the month of January to help get my family and yours off to a great start in the new year. I'm so excited to be a part of the team and try to make a difference in the morning – and all day long!

And if I can teach my difficult child to channel some of that energy toward big ideas in the process, we both win.

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How are you going to make a difference in the morning this year?

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