You don't have to be a designer to make your kid custom Valentines.

When you are a graphic designer, and have all the Adobe programs on your computer, you get more than your fair share of "Can you just…" design requests. Especially from the small, demanding people that you are related to.

And the last thing I want to do – and not get paid for it – is design.

Enter Cardstore. They just released several designs for Valentine's Day cards for your kid's class. You can upload their cute little faces to Cardstore, and make custom Valentines Day cards, easy-peasy. And they're just about the same price as the not custom ones from the drug store that I usually buy at the last minute. You can still even get them by Valentine's day if you order them Valentines Day Cards from Cardstore by February 7th.

I have beaucoup silly faces from Luka (because he doesn't make any other kind) to place in Valentine Cards like these:

Go see all the fun designs here, and make your life easier. And if you insist on making your own homemade Valentines, I have collected ideas for those on my Valentine's Day Pinterest Board for you. Also, you deserve a trophy.

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