Team Kellogg's Sports Themed Puzzle Placemat {free printable}

Luka would play competitive sports all day every day if you let him. Really.

In fact, he tries to turn everything into a competitive sport: getting dressed, homework, even breathing, and most especially eating. If you count down from 10 to zero, he'll do just about any task for you.

His point of view is "Don't. Stop. Moving. Ever." He has more energy than anyone I've ever met. This is the boy who's first word was "Pratfall". The boy who jumps out of bed every morning and the crack of dawn and says "Let's go whack golf balls at the driving range." And the boy who, long after dark, is still out front hitting homers over the neighbor's fence with daddy.

We've lost about 50 baseballs this way so far.

He wears me out. And makes me laugh. And, surprisingly, inspires me.

I imagine this is how most mothers of athletes feel, don't they? I just had no idea that children were like this, seeing as how piano and physics are my older son Quinn's sports of choice. (He is so much more like me.) Luka really knows how to start the day energized physically, and I can definitely appreciate his point-of-view.

So Kellogg's Eat 'N' Play Placemat pretty much sums up the beginning, middle, and end of every day for Luka. He's in it to win it. Whatever "it" is.

Even breakfast.


Be competitive by getting a great start every day.
Get kids off to a great start with exercises for their body, time management tips, a tasty treat, a fun packed lunch or this free puzzle printable. It's part of this month's Tips for a Great Start from Team Kellogg's. There are 30 different tips, written by Team Kellogg's and mom bloggers. I'm so grateful to Kellogg's for asking me to contribute to this project.

Find more activities to get kid's minds and bodies going on my group Kid's Activities and Crafts Pinterest Board here.

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