The way to a woman's heart is pastry.

Some girls like jewelry. Ok, a lot of girls like jewelry. Flowers are also very lovely. I am also partial to French Wine, French Cheese, and French Lingerie.

But, want to really impress me? French Bread will do the trick. There is a direct line to my heart via pastry.

I will be measuring the sincerity of your affection this Valentine's Day by the size of the cookie (brownie, cake, pie, bread, scone, cupcake) you bring me. I am not embarrassed at all to tell you that I'd rather get my hands on an apricot kolache, cinnamon scone, or baguette than just about anything made of 14K gold.

So this year, Empire Bakery has my heart. They made my day when they sent me a basket of baked goods this week. I suspect that they stalk me on twitter and noticed the proliferation of dessert tweets.

I know you could make someone's day on Valentine's Day this Friday with a specially packaged brownie, cookie, loaf of bread or scone. Someone like your child's teacher. Your neighbor. Your mailman. Or me. Just sayin'.

Everything from Empire Baking Company is made from scratch. Just like I'd make it, if I was that talented. In reality, I can't make bread to save my life. Giving someone a giant, specially handmade pastry says love to me. I've now tried everything on this list, so I'll personally vouch for the tastiness of every one of these pastries. Luka will double vouch for the brownies.

Empire Baking Company's Valentine's Day pastries: 
• Heart-shaped Shortbread Cookies (9 cookies) $6.25
• Heart-shaped Linzer Cookies $3.25
• Cranberry Scone $2.25
• Cranberry Walnut Bread $5.99
• Fudgy, chocolate brownie gift bag $6.00
• Red Raspberry or Strawberry Jam $6.99

You've got 3 days y'all, choose wisely.

About Empire Baking Company
Dallas-based Empire Baking Company, family owned and operated for more than 20 years, offers retail and wholesale European-style natural breads, pastries, cookies, sandwiches and salads. We believe that product integrity begins with quality ingredients. Our breads are made from scratch: handmade, hand-shaped and baked fresh every day. There are no fillers, conditioners, dough enhancers, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors ever used.
5450 West Lovers in Dallas; (214)350-0007
Hours: Monday through Saturday, 8am to 6pm; Sunday, 9:30am to 4pm

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Mommy's Wish List Disclosure: Empire Bakery sent pastries to my house because they love me and asked me to share my thoughts with you. 

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