J. Jill Chino: Get in My Closet

I am a boy in a dress. If you know me in real life, then you've heard me say that before. Being a non-girly girl, wardrobe choices become quite difficult for me sometimes. That's one of the reasons I choose J. Jill. Their clothes are simple, comfortable, and stylish. They are clothes for artistic girl-boys like me. I can sit on top of the table, or on the floor, and draw in them. Then, I can throw on a scarf and jacket and instantly be ready to go out.

J. Jill pieces are generally the building blocks of my entire girl-boy wardrobe. I feel like I am taken seriously when I am wearing J. Jill. I am not being thought of as a girl, but as a person. I know that sounds like a strange pre-requisite for clothing, but it's very important to me.

One other fantastic feature of J. Jill is that they make their pieces in many different sizes to accommodate many different women. For instance, they have TALL sizes, so I can get pants that go down to the tops of my feet. Finding pants long enough for my legs has been a life-long struggle (a struggle that I've passed down to my son Quinn) made easier by this brand.

Last week I got a few emails (as I'm sure you did if you are a J. Jill fan) announcing the new J. Jill Chino line for spring. The Chino line has four main pieces, each of which are made of super-soft fabric that makes you feel both relaxed and elegant at the same time. I immediately went to Northpark Center to my favorite J. Jill store to try it all on.

The Chino Line:
Above are the Boyfriend Pants, Shirt Dress, and Ankle Pants. I tried on a size 2 in the ankle pants since that's my standard size at J. Jill and they were still comfortable, not binding or tight. These for me would be an office piece to pair with flats and a cardigan, less casual than the boyfriend pants.

I decided to go with a 4 in the boyfriend pants because, duh, if they WERE my boyfriend's pants they should look big on me, right? I instantly fell in love with the mid-rise, small-hipped cut that seemed like it was made specifically for me. I'd totally steal these from a boyfriend. Once I got them home, I wore them all weekend with a black tank. And my new black leather flip-flops.

The shirt dress I tried on in a 4, since I will be wearing that as both a dress in warm weather, and as a tunic over black leggings and a black tank in cooler weather. With my creative director Lorem Ipsum necklace of course. The sleeves on the shirt dress are long and button, like a men's shirt, but you can also roll them up and cuff them. (see detail below)

All the detail and craftsmanship on the Chino pieces are exactly as you'd expect from J. Jill. They are well-made, sturdy pieces that will be ones I choose for years as the starter for many outfits. The Chino pieces come in a charcoal gray color and a tan color.

J. Jill Chino Pieces: 
• Live-In Chino Boyfriend Pants $69
• Live-In Chino Ankle Pants $69
• Live-In Chino Shirt Dress $99
• Live-In Chino Skirt $59 ($69 for print skirt)

Now through March 26th, you can save 30% on a single full-priced item with an exclusive offer from J. Jill. Enter code CHINO at checkout. Thanks to J. Jill for creating this deal for my readers!

Except for my super white legs, I am ready for spring in this shirt dress. Someone please take me on a picnic so I can get some sun?

About J. Jill
Massachusetts-based J. Jill started in 1959 an an Americana brand. It's named after the owner's two daughters Jennifer and Jill. They have 225 stores nationwide. (my favorite one is at Northpark Center in Dallas) J. Jill uncomplicates a women’s life by giving her a stylish, easy, ready-for-anything wardrobe that lets her dress confidently and focus on enjoying her life.

I think it's clothing for art chicks. Which is why my closet is full of it.

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