LEGO: Free mini-build event for March.

Take your kid (aged 6 to 14) to your local Lego Store for their free monthly Mini-Build event. This month, they'll show you how to make a tiny Spring Tree, on Tuesday March 5th at 5pm. Contact your local store to make sure they are participating in this event. Details are here.

What we're doing with LEGO today:
So we get less than an inch of sleet, yesterday, and Dallas ISD cancels school.


Luka decided to turn his favorite iPad game, Clash of the Clans into a real live LEGO game board. The giants, archers, wizards, and golems have been battling it out on the dining room table all day. He is so creative.

Lego Magazine for Free.
Don't forget, you can get your kid a FREE subscription to Lego Magazine or Lego Jr Magazine here. Luka can't wait to get his magazine every month, and keeps and reads every issue over and over and over.

More inside fun.
Looking for more fun stuff to do inside where the weather doesn't suck? Check out my Pinterest board of Kids Activities and Crafts here. Or make them some crazy looking food from my Pinterest board Kids Eat This here.

Lego Coloring Pages.
Luka also likes to color. Alot. You can find a plain Lego Minifigure template to color here. And don't forget to check out my master list of hundreds of your kid's favorite cartoon character coloring pages to color here.

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