13 Spring Salads with an Accent

I am so excited that it's finally spring, aren't you? It's been cold long enough. We've been hard at work on the yard, and in the garden. Stuff is actually growing! I've even already cut leaf lettuce and herbs to use in recipes this week! In between sneezing, I'm trying to keep the squirrels out of my vegetable garden.

One of the best things about my garden is having fresh items to add to each meal. Things just taste better when you've cut them 3 minutes ago. Everywhere I've traveled in the world, I've always loved the varieties and tastes of the local veggies and herbs. After eating some of those amazing dishes, plain old salads just won't do for me.

I am not sure what most of this is, but it is not dead yet. WINNING. 

I wanted to make a collection of different kinds of spring salad recipes on my blog today because very soon I will have lots of green things to cut up and make salad out of. But, I don't want to make just any old salad. I want a salad from somewhere I don't live. Something fancy, and different.

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This collection of 13 salad recipes with an accent includes:
Azalina's Malaysian Salad: With peanuts and chilies, crispy and spicy!

Russian Olivier Salad: Perhaps the most traditional Russian salad, you probably have all these ingredients already on hand.

Fire and Ice Salad: A Southern favorite, y'all.

Salpicão Chicken Salad: With lime and pineapple, a South American twist on chicken salad.

Grapefruit Ramen Salad: My friend Jennifer at Real Posh Mom created this asian favorite.

Abacha African Salad: This one wins the prize for the most interesting and different salad.

Gurkensalat German Salad: A simple cucumber and vinegar salad complementary to spring's simple grilled meats.

Korean Spring Cabbage Salad: Who says cabbage has to mean cole slaw? Not this spicy recipe.

Asiago Brussel Sprouts: Making my brussel sprouts into an Italian delicacy is definitely the way to go.

Mini Sombrero Taco Salads: One of my own creations, this is a bite-sized version of everyone's favorite Tex-Mex.

Salad Niçoise: When I lived in France, this was a staple meal. You can throw just about anything together with tuna and vinaigrette and call it niçoise.

Middle-Eastern Shirazi Salad: Got a load of tomatoes? You can't do better than this lovely tomato and mint salad.

Moroccan Cous Cous Salad: One we make often at my house, it's sweet and savory. And vegetarian.

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