13 Unexpected Meatloaf Recipes for Sunday Dinner

When I was 11, I got my first cookbook for my birthday. It was the Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys & Girls. I wanted to learn how to cook actual, for-real food, that humans would eat.

The very first recipe I ever made from this cookbook was Meatloaf. I sure thought it was exciting to make meatloaf when I was 11. Squishing the hamburger with my hands, tearing up pieces of Wonder Bread just so, cracking eggs without getting shells in the meat, an artistic splash of ketchup. All very tricky business as a novice chef.

I served my first meatloaf to my family for Sunday Dinner in 1977. And I felt awesome when they all said how good it tasted and they didn't keel over and die immediately. I did end up flinging a forkful of mashed potatoes at my little brother during that meal, but that's a different story. And he totally deserved it. And my mom told him he totally deserved it.

Check it out – Sunday Dinner in the 70s. 

I wanted to make a collection of different kinds of meatloaf recipes on my blog today in honor of that great American tradition that my family does not currently observe called Sunday Dinner, an ode to all the meatloaves I made as a child. And in Kansas, meatloaf is meat, ketchup, and bread.

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This collection of 13 meatloaf recipes with unexpected ingredients includes:
Meatloaf with Green Chiles: Unexpected ingredient is green chiles. Very southwestern!

Balsamic Glazed Roasted Vegetable Meatloaf: Fancy hide-the-vegetables meatloaf. You all know I love doing that hide-the-vegetables trick.

Gluten Free Parmesan Meatloaf: Wow, this has never occurred to me, but sounds fantastic to use Parmesan instead of your standard cheddar.

Slow Cooker Meatloaf: And we also all know I love set-it-and-forget-it food. Love your crockpot like me? You can make all kinds of crazy things in a crock pot.

Low Calorie Chicken Meatloaf: Chicken meatloaf is genius for my family, who likes chicken more than all the meats combined.

Meatloaf with Hidden Veggies: Again with the hidden veggies. I like these moms who think like I do.

Easy Meatloaf with Sausage: Adding a roll of breakfast sausage to the hamburger will be make meatloaf just *that* much tastier, and it's not too difficult.

Mom's Amazing Carrot Meatloaf: Yay! More veggies! Luka still not touching them in their original form. I would serve these pizza rice balls with hidden vegetables as a side dish and then it's a double whammy on him.

Secret Ingredient Meatloaf: What's the secret ingredient? Stuffing Mix! I know! Crazy!

Bacon-Topped Spinach Mushroom Meatloaf: Bacon. Need I say more?

Mini BBQ Cheddar Meatloaves: In Texas we like a heapin' helpin' of BBQ sauce. I'll add Armadillo Potatoes as a side dish here, and it's a Texas Style Sunday Dinner.

Meatloaf Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Frosting: Meatloaf Cupcakes calls for Macaroni & Cheese Cupcakes on the Side, don't you think?

Tasty Oatmeal Meatloaf: Also sneaky, adding oatmeal to your meatloaf. Not to mention it'll make a little hamburger go further! Great idea.

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