Champions for Kids partnering with Walmart, Kellogg's, Diamond Foods for local SIMPLE Giving breakfast donations.

Ten million kids across America go without breakfast every day.
Staggering statistic, isn't it? While nine million kids receive free or reduced price lunches and breakfasts through their public school system, ten million kids who are eligible for this program just go without.

We're lucky in Dallas ISD to have received a grant providing breakfast for every single student this year. But many of the surrounding school districts are not so lucky.

SIMPLE Giving is picking up the slack.
SIMPLE Giving is a Champions for Kids program that makes it simple for everyone who can to help kids in their own community. To make sure more children can eat breakfast and stay focused in school, Champions for Kids teamed up with Kellogg's, Diamond Foods and Walmart for a SIMPLE Giving program that makes giving a breakfast, to a kid in your neighborhood who needs one, easy.

Starting this week, you can participate by donating breakfast food items at your local participating Walmart now through May 5. If your Walmart store is participating, simply purchase breakfast foods and place them in this purple donation bins at the front of the store after checkout.

Your donated breakfast items go to the schools in your district. It's that simple. The school district that collects the most donated items from a single Walmart store in its division will also receive $10,000 from Champions for Kids. And the school district that collects the most donations from a Walmart store in its region will receive $1,000 from Champions for Kids.

To see a list of participating stores and the corresponding school districts receiving that store's donations, click here.

These are my adorable little neighborhood friends, having a meal due to the generosity of others a mile from my home. I spent a super fun day with them last summer. Having a meal in the morning helps them concentrate in school, and feel more secure. These little ones go to school with my kids. They are my child's classmates, baseball team members, and playground friends. One in five kids, even in your own neighborhood, are food insecure.

I am writing this sponsored post for The Motherhood, as a part of their effort to publicize the Champions for Kids SIMPLE Giving program.

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About Champions for Kids
Champions for Kids makes it simple to give children in local communities the resources they need to thrive. Helping others does not have to come in large doses. Champions for Kids seeks to ignite generational change by fostering a ‘habit of giving’ among youth and parents in America.

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