Don't brake for breakfast.

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My mornings just keep getting busier and busier. Do yours? It's test season, and Quinn seems to want to get to school extra early for a Chemistry AP review, or an SAT prep session. (Even though the kid already got a 2250 on his SAT, he wants to see if he can best that score by taking it again. WHO DOES THAT! HAHAHA!)

Luka seems to have projects, and parties, and sports things he wants to go early for as well. Plus, well, finding his shoes in the morning is a time suck.

Of course, the accommodating mother obliges. First thing to fall by the wayside – time for the accommodating mother's favorite breakfast. Or any breakfast for that matter. *sigh*

That bowl of Quaker oatmeal with cut up strawberries, cream, and brown sugar that I really want to eat every morning? That's not happening at the moment.

Enter Quaker's new solution to my missing bowl of oatmeal (that I couldn't eat while I drive anyway) – Quaker Breakfast Shakes.

Quaker Breakfast Shakes
Quaker sent me their Chocolate and Strawberry flavors to try on my busiest mornings. I really loved the strawberry flavor…of course I'm the one who always cuts up strawberries for my oatmeal anyway. The chocolate flavor I am actually using as a chocolatey addition to my morning coffee! No reason my coffee can't have a little protein and fiber, huh?

These shakes are made with real Quaker oats, blended with milk. They are creamy smooth in texture, and not too sweet. Plus, they have 8g of Whole Grain, 6g of Fiber, and at least 8g of Protein (the chocolate flavor has 10g). So I can drink this on the way out the door, which saves me about 10 minutes in the morning. No reason to stop for breakfast now, I can just take it with me.

Since these shakes only have 200 calories, my fellow blogger Nicole figured out how to freeze them into DIY Skinny Fudgesicles, and has those for breakfast!

Quaker Breakfast Shakes come in Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate. You can find Quaker Breakfast Shakes at Walmart.

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About Quaker Breakfast Shakes
Shake up your day. The experts at Quaker have developed a different way to add whole grain oats and blend them into a smooth and creamy breakfast shake. Quaker Chocolate Breakfast Shakes are goodness to go, all day long.

Quaker Chocolate Breakfast Shakes are blended with whole grain oats, made with Quaker oats, and contain: Whole grain 8g; Protein 10g; Fiber 6g.

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