How to shop Aldi.

Here's the low-down on shopping at Aldi.

Shopping Carts:
Bring a quarter, because you will need one if you want to use a cart. They are set up with a locking system so that you have to put a quarter in to get one. When you return your cart, you get the quarter back. Most people don't want to lose their quarter, so that means no carts cluttering the parking lot.

You can not use coupons at Aldi's. But I find that I don't miss that at all, because their prices are most of the time lower than if I bought the same item at a big-name grocery store AND used a coupon. If you go to a grand opening, or live in the shopping area of a grand opening, they'll hand out $5 off $25 coupons or mail them to your house to get you to come in to the store to shop.

Shopping Bags:
Bring your own bags. Aldi does not have bags for your groceries. You could also take some boxes off the shelves to use if they're empty, I've done this. Then you will pack your own groceries after you pay.

How to Pay:
No credit cards accepted. Only debit, cash or check.

Visit Aldi on their website here. If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with any product, they will replace the product AND refund your money. Simply return the item to your nearest store. (Non-Food Special Purchase items and alcohol not included). 

Finding Deals:
Aldi only carries the 1400 most popular grocery items. As a result, they constantly clear out one thing in favor of another. Look for SKUs (product lines) that are moving off the shelves quickly. Those will be marked down drastically to clear them off to make room for something else. I've gotten cases of spaghetti sauce for .25¢ a jar before, among other things, because of this strategy.

Special Purchase prices start at different times across the country. Most stores will have these prices on Sundays, some stores will be delayed until Wednesday or Thursday of the same week.

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