How to shop Rainbow.

Rainbow doubles 5 coupons $1 and under on Wednesdays for each transaction over $25. Put your highest value coupons on top to maximize the doubling. For large shopping trips (over $50), split the trip into two transactions. They do accept internet printable coupons in general, but please call your local Rainbow to verify that THEY are accepting them.

Sign up for Rainbow's Roundy's Rewards on-line account and email newsletters here. But get your Roundy's Rewards card in the store. Then, register it here.

You'll need to get a Roundy's Rewards Card to take advantage of some in-store deals like the FuelPerks Program. All your qualified purchases count and are automatically totaled. FuelPerks Discounts can be applied to a maximum of 20 gallons of gas. No limits on the discounts you can earn. Redeem Rewards right at the pump at most participating BP Stations.
Your FuelPerks balances print on your Rainbow receipt and can be viewed online.

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