Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, coupon mommies. This past year, I didn't spend my money on groceries. Not much anyway. This new year, I'm not gonna spend my money on groceries either. With all the money I didn't spend on groceries, I got to buy fancy beer for mommy happy hour (by golly you need a fancy beer once Hurricane Luka rolls in from Mother's Day Out at 3:00pm). Got a new printer for my computer. I now pay my son to do the dishes, laundry, sweeping, and raking. I've got a babysitter so DH and I can go hit Kavala for some hummus twice a month. I got to buy and donate a New York Public Library Desk Reference volume to each and every 5th grader at my son's school. Piano lessons for Quinn. Ecco shoes for DH. And a freezer for the garage.

What am I not spending my money on groceries for this coming year? Well, a trip to Miraval ALONE would be ideal. (My chi is totally out of whack and in dire need of an adjustment.) But, I think we'll opt for a fence around the backyard. Maybe a Tivo so I can watch as many episodes of Burn Notice as I want, when I want. What are you going to spend your previous grocery money on?

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